Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Make a Dry Cappuccino Coffee

By cobrakai, eHow Member

Make a Dry Cappuccino CoffeeHow to Make a Dry Cappuccino CoffeeUser-Submitted Article
Dating all the way back to Italy, cappuccino coffee is one of the best espresso drinks you can have. Cappuccino's are probably the hardest of all the espresso coffee drinks to master making because it is almost an art form in making a great dry cappuccino coffee. Using this article's steps and tips will make you a true barista in no time at all.
.Difficulty: EasyInstructions.Things You'll Need:
espresso coffee machine
metal pitcher
ice or freezer
1 **Freeze metal pitcher**

The main "secret" in making a dry cappuccino espresso coffee is placing your metal milk pitcher into ice or into the freezer for a few minutes. When it's time to steam your milk, the very cold pitcher creates as very dry cappuccino froth.

2 **Prepare espresso shot(s)**

Following your espresso machines directions, prepare your espresso shots for the cappuccino.

Note: For the best taste, don't let your espresso shots sit for more than a minute before applying milk/foam. If you wait too long the espresso shots get a bitter and burnt taste to them.

3 **Steam milk**

When your metal pitcher is nice is cold, steam your milk. Remember that a dry cappuccino is lots of foam and just a little steamed milk so there is no need to put more than a half inch of milk into your pitcher.

Note: To create the best foam, place your steam wand at the top of the milk to the air is creating foam at the top of the milk.

4**Combine espresso shots and steamed milk**


  1. Thanks for the information, I'm no coffee connoisseur but I've been looking into different Espresso Machines as I'm getting fed up with all of the "consumer" coffees (Starbucks, DD, etc.).

  2. Great tips, I've been perfecting my foam for the last 3 months, and one tip I have is to make your foam first, then pull your shots, that way the shots don't get bitter, and the foam and the steamed milk have time to separate, making your foam even more dry!

    Swirling a few ice cubes around in the pitcher for about 20 seconds works if you don't have a freezer!